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With that in mind, how much damage does saying, "I'll start tomorrow! A lot, especially to a candidate with a strong sense of responsibility.

A candidate who does the right thing even though they risk potentially losing out on an opportunity is a person with a strong sense of loyalty and dedication.

A fan outright asked the Riverdale pair if they were dating during a public panel, but fans and their fellow cast members aren't happy at all!

Riverdale is one of the biggest shows around right now and with Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart absolutely smashing it in their roles as Jughead and Betty, the pair are obviously gonna come under a lot of fan scrutiny.

The answer can provide greater insight into a candidate's work ethic, overall sense of responsibility, and loyalty to an employer. Assuming the candidate is currently employed (which you already know), as you are wrapping up the interview say: Sneaky?

It's almost a throw-away answer since agreeing to start immediately is visible only to you and could even be taken back later.

If you watch and listen carefully, you can actually see Lili turn to Cole as he appears to mumble, "Thanks for not answering. If that is the case, then it seems that Cole is thanking Lili for not giving anything away about their relationship status.

It could also be another member of the panel as everyone on stage was wearing a mic, but it very much looked and sounded like Cole to us.

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In 4 Essential Job Interview Questions to Ask I listed four above-board, ethical, professional interview questions that can provide great insight into the skills and experience of a job candidate. Sure, but also a great way to test how a candidate truly feels about loyalty.

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