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The profile had no photos and and little info as possible.

This site seems to be operating in a possibly deceptive manner that was noticeable shortly after registering.We outline everything that you need to watch out for.Below we have given you even more evidence of what's going on, the terms and conditions which describes in their own words their use of fictitious profiles, hiring people to pretend to be interested in you, using automated computer software bots and the fact that you can never actually meet up with the people behind the profiles because of course they are just not real! We don't think anyone likes being played for a fool and they way these two web sites have partnered to rip people off is playing everyone for suckers.This site possibly operates by misleading free members into believing that they are getting emails from local girls.It seems to be that profiles and computer software are being used to trick people into buying a membership (we're not 100% sure though). This is a 100% provable fact and the evidence is located directly on the site right here.A partnership is supposed to be beneficial to both parties and in this particular situation it is.

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