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With nouns in the first category, the word for the is le and for nouns in the second category it is la.

The two categories are generally called masculine and feminine.

Initially, this is probably the most effective way of learning when to use le and when to use la.

As your proficiency in the language grows, you'll probably reach a point where you stop learning words with the article le or la alongside.

Female Chat Noir has it bad for a Male Ladybug- who happens to be on the opposing side of his boss Hawkmoth's goal. I'll be writing and posting a piece of flash fiction every day this month. To the world she was the poster girl of the Agreste Fashion line, but it was her other identity that she lived for; Chat Noir could forget her mundane life while battling Hawkmoth's monsters through the streets of Paris, with her truest and only friend, the mysterious Ladybug.

Feel free to send me prompts @ Ladybug-problems.Adrienne Agreste had tried to be her father's perfect daughter since before she could remember.

Unfortuanetly for him, she had failed repeatedly and then given up.

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Marseilles ending in -es), can be treated as feminine. Where there is a conflict, rules to do with a word's construction or function generally override rules to do with the word's sound or ending.

For example, pare-brise ends in the normally feminine ending -ise, but is of the form verb-noun so is masculine.

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