Cynical quotes about dating


But I'm like, ' Wait a minute, you've had those times in your life.

Everybody has.' Gilbert Hernandez I think you find stories with fresh perspectives, and there can be a danger in the opposite way when you start getting too cynical and things just don't start seeming like stories, and things don't seem exciting anymore.

I'm not unaffected; I'm disillusioned by the illusion of it all.33.

I’m not a loner; I'll just always choose me over you.34.

I'm not skeptical; I just know things often don't work out the way you plan.31.

I'm not too busy; I just know you will never follow through.32.

I used to take things personally when people threw me under the bus or f*cked me over, but then I realized that's just the way the world works.So please, allow me, on behalf of all cynics, to address some of the judgments that I’m sure are swirling around the heads of all the “perfect” non-cynics out there:1. I'm not self-centered; I just put myself first because no one else will.9. I'm not being a bitch; I'm just telling you how it is.13. I'm not indifferent; I'm just a different person now.27.I'm not untrusting; I just have been f*cked over too many times2. I want to see the good in things; there's just so much blatantly bad sh*t out there.4. I'm not apathetic; I just don't care about stupid sh*t.10. I'm not blind to love; I just see things as they are.28.I do hope things work out; they just never have before.For more of her thoughts, humor and ridiculous opinions follow Ashley Fern on Instagram and Twitter.Being called “cynical” is apparently a terrible thing in this day and age.

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