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So as an unbiased third party I’m here to tell you like it is – judgment-free, constructive, and blunt.

I grew up in a Deaf family, and since I was young, I’ve met deaf people who are in relationships with other deaf people, and deaf people who are in relationships with hearing people.

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Look for venues (restaurants, bars, coffee shops) that are quieter, have good acoustics, and are well lit (to help with lip reading). It will be much quieter than a night out and may be more memorable since it is out of the ordinary. This is most important if the date is at a restaurant or bar.But in reality, the success of any relationship comes down to communication, and this is the particular challenge facing couples where one is deaf and one hearing. Of course, the deaf person bears just as much responsibility for this.Will they also remember to communicate clearly, to repeat things that aren’t understood?Of course, this goes for the Deaf partner too – being left out in a group of hearing people when they meet their partner’s friends.You can get a situation where both the deaf and hearing person struggle when they’re mixing with each other’s social circle, even though they get on perfectly well when it’s just the two of them.I’ve seen relationships that work, and don’t work, that stayed together, and sadly (or not so sadly in some cases) broke up.

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