Dating an illiterate man Taiwan ladyboy dating


But, through telephone calls, Western Union money transfers, and other gifts you bombard your bride and future in-laws and convince them you are "a damned rich man" in America, the land flowing with milk and honey.

You want the women back home to look up to you as "Big Oga" moving up on the economic ladder because it makes you appear to be more than you really are, at least, in the initial stages.

Nigerian men are well liked in foreign lands because they are thought to be the cream of the African crop.

Nigerian men are egalitarian, open, unrestricted, and uncensored.

You cannot mask your true self in America because the women you are seen with know more about you than you care to know.Rebecca Onyekwere (fictitious name) was young, beautiful, about thirty-one years old, striking, and trim.She was a picture of unadulterated epitome of Nigerian womanhood: married to a rich trader; medical clinic during weekdays; overseer over husband's business on weekends, Rebecca had an entourage of houseboys, maids, and vehicle drivers. I quickly swallowed the question I was dying to ask my guide: "What in hell made this beautiful woman marry this ugly man? Rebecca was a brilliant mind from a very poor Igbo family with ambition to make something of herself.Her family quickly married her off to a semi-illiterate trader who paid for her medical training in Nigeria and London.Chief Simon Onyekwere made sure Rebecca had three children in rapid succession before completing university just in case she ran into waiting arms of a more handsome adventurer from overseas, like Nigerians in US or UK.Additionally, you think African girls in the United States have all gone bad, rotten, too exposed, too independent.

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