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The goal of The Message is to engage people in the reading process and help them understand what they read.

This is not a study Bible, but rather ""a reading Bible."" The verse numbers, which are not in the original documents, have been left out of the print version to facilitate easy and enjoyable reading.

Her body rests under the altar in the chapel at Paray, France, and many striking favors have been obtained by pilgrims attracted thither from all parts of the world.

In ottemperanza alla legislazione europea sul trattamento dei dati personali, noi (Oath), i nostri fornitori e partner abbiamo bisogno del tuo consenso per memorizzare cookie sui tuoi dispositivi, utilizzare risultati di ricerca, localizzazione e navigazione per capire i tuoi interessi e personalizzare e valutare annunci pubblicitari sui nostri prodotti.I hoped to bring the New Testament to life for two different types of people: those who hadn't read the Bible because it seemed too distant and irrelevant and those who had read the Bible so much that it had become 'old hat.'"" Peterson's parishioners simply weren't connecting with the real meaning of the words and the relevance of the New Testament for their own lives.So he began to bring into English the rhythms and idioms of the original ancient Greek—writing straight out of the Greek text without looking at other English translations. Margaret Mary’s parents, Claude Alacoque and Philiberte Lamyn, were distinguished less for temporal possessions than for their virtue, which gave them an honorable position.From early childhood Margaret showed intense love for the Blesed Sacrament, and preferred silence and prayer to childish amusements.This did not surprise her, as she thought others had the same Divine assistance.

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