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You start memorizing right now, or youÂll know who is going to slug you, and youÂll know where sheÂs going to slug you, and youÂll know why she slugged you!!! Your demise shall have a Ork: I'LL SWEAR TO ME FAKKIN MINCES THAT THE LOOP THE LOOP BE HALF-INCHING ME CITY SLICKERS AS MY COBBLERS SMEAR ALL OVER YOUR NORT AND SOUTH AND I'LL TOM TIT ON YOUR WHISTLE AND FLUTE YA FOREST FAKKA!

Should the time of delivery be delayed beyond normal (i.e. Not the time between the order is made to the time you receive the order.

- After stating you address, the system will show you freight opportunities and the related freight cost) When EU is selected as delivery area all prices are incl. If Other countries is selected as delivery area, VAT is not included in the prices shown.

Go directly to the Sales basket, to finish your inquiry of selling to DPH (Please note, we normally do not buy a single product from abroad, because of the extra expense of transportation, customs clearance, payment fees etc.) Continue adding more items to the selling inquiry (Close window) Please add the requested items to the basked. The system will inform you of possible freight alternatives, as well as cost each type. If you need the item delivered before a specific date please inform us about the wanted delivery date in the comments field before you complete your payment. We have a huge selection of table lamps for any style.

When you collect you order in person at our shop the freight cost is free.

A visit to our store also gives you the opportunity to experience our amazing selection of items on display. The prices shown are based on delivery in the selected delivery area excl. (You find freight cost, by adding the item to the basket.

give you some really evil looks when your back is turned! Sometimes, Fridge Horror makes the more bizarre elements even more terrifying and Squickier.

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