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I enjoy talking about these sorts of things so I always tell them "Look I was raised irreligiously but I am always open to learn new things" and then we talk about their faith and their lives and it's always fun.I never see why people hate on Jehova's witnesses so much.Keep in mind that in America, a glass of Coke will probably be in a cup the size of a fire hydrant and not the espresso cup served over here. " Them: "Gonna go home and watch House of Cards on Netflix." Me: "Oh hey I love that show! You know Kevin Spacey once said that...."..the conversation goes from there. ")If it's actually in the grocery store, I'd suggest a comment about how busy the store is, or something like that. Note: don't try these unless you're fluent enough to pull it off.(This is also why there's an obesity epidemic in the States.)Fountains are rare here. Last ten times I went to the US, the fire hydrant cups were filled from fountains. As a tourist from The Netherlands, free refills are paradise. Dutch people also get very introspective when I ask them how they are doing. Apparently asking the cashier how their day is just isn't done here. And funny that you mention that it's rude not to ask, because it seems more rude to ask how someone is without caring at all what the answer is. Our cuisine is not very "exported" so to say, and I can kinda see why, but it's not entirely dreadful ;) care. I feel awkward just standing silently in line at the store. :)I have a feeling I'm going to get along great then.. I do care about people in general but the likelihood that I'm going to see the exact same person ever again if they are my cashier isn't always true. Trying to speak casual slang while stuttering through a horrible accent will make you seem either very creepy, or utterly adorable. Except that I notice that most of the foreigners are a tad disgusted by it.

Actually, since you're a foreigner, you could get special 'silver' and 'gold' packages without a club card.For me, the biggest downside is my friends back in the States asking me how much weed I smoke (answer: none.) It honestly seems like the biggest buyer of marijuana and prostitutes are drunk British and Aussie welcome to being Dutch.I travel a lot for work and everytime people hear i am from Amsterdam the conversation will end up at weed and prostitutes. I went to a fast food place, got an oversized hamburger, fries and a shake.It was as if it was just a form of greeting without expecting a response.You mentioned that you genuinely care about the answer to the question.A homeless muslim approached us "Inshallah I haven't eaten for a day", so the Jehova went to the AH with him to buy him some food.

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