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As a young girl, when I dreamed of my family to-be, my dreams were filled with shopping, make-up, dances, clothes (lots of clothes), girl-chat and mother-daughter bonding.Instead I found myself smack-dab in the middle of a world I knew nothing about.Horses, hunting, fishing, dirt-bikes, football, weight-lifting, paintball, dare-devils, extreme sports, and smelly socks!But through the dust, dirt and chaos of raising four sons, I found my purpose.We are a close knit group of southern crazies that love loud, eat hardily, pray confidently and kneel willingly. Some of you maybe wondering how a southern girl from Texas, who raised four boys in Kentucky, ended up on Evine hosting Sweet Home Savannah with the awesome and awe inspiring Paula Deen?

In the spring of 2016 my son Colton married his sweetheart, Madison, and we added a beautiful daughter to our family.

My name is Robin Michaela Shea, I am a Southern gal, born in Louisiana, raised in Texas.

My goal is to simply introduce myself in hopes that there is a part of you that connects to a part of me.

is the way I nourished (and still nourish) my family.

Monday through Friday I prepare healthy meals for my family.

I found myself struggling to find joy in the chaos of my life.

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