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What ended up fixing it was manually enabling the Windows Update service which, turned out, was disabled.FYI my exact error code was:0x8007042264-bit Win 7 machine, fresh install.For those of you having trouble after following the solution: it apper if you try to launch the intaller after doing all of this it will run the un-zip program again, witch will have the effect of undoing (at least for me).The only sure fire way I found was to install The VC separately then run the located WITHIN the temp folder (the one that is just called without any version number).This error message – File skipped because it was already present from Microsoft. After the change it would look like the following: # The type files (.ps1xml) loaded by this module. Power Shell – can appear when a workflow is run that is loading the Service Manager modules that are provided out of the box. Also tried installing C manually by downloading it but get the same error.Also tried this on this link with no luck: this website : I tried the first solution written by Behzad Soleimani Neisyani and it worked! auth=1 For anybody that had a hard time understanding this, as I did, here's a detailed explanation! For some reason, newer versions of windows have a difficult time downloading the C 2005 version.

We fixed the SMLets issue in SMLets Beta 3, but now we are getting reports that this is also happening with the Service Manager module provided out of the box. (Just copy and paste destination location you chose when you downloaded the installation program from Mat Lab's website into your file explorer). Figured I share the solution so you could share it as well. Had previously tried disabling my antivirus software, doing a clean reboot (in order to fix the Windows file system transaction log) and repairing the Microsoft .Once you do this, click on the folder named bin, then the folder named v90. NET Framework installation, all as advised by the Microsoft Answers Forum to deal with this specific error message. Followed your advice and the problem was sorted instantly. Should probably add to my last comment that (at least in my case, installing onto Windows 7) the two C 2008 files were located in a folder named vc90 within the bin\win32 subfolder, and that the two files need to be copied from vc90 into this win32 subfolder, not to bin itself.This is what worked for me so I hope it help you best of luck!When the same error occurres when you install MSVC 2005, it is not related Matlab. If you use parts of the message to search in the internet, you get more than 43'000 matching links, e.g. Please try to perform the suggested solutions on this and other pages. I have searched through numerous MS forum posts, tried running MS fix-it routines, re-installed the VC redistribution separately, and so on.Hi I get this error when trying to install Matlab on a laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and AMD quad core processor. An error occurred during the installation of assembly "Microsoft. ATL.tyoe="win32".version="8.0.50727.6195".public Key Token="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b".processor Architecture="amd64"This happens when the installer tries to install C 2005.

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