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On at least two occasions when talking about films in the pub, someone has asked "anyone remember that film where there's a crashed bomber and a crew that don't know there dead?" The film in question ISN'T "The Survivor" (the film of the James Herbert book).It's likely that he drew inspiration from the discovery of the crashed WWII US bomber 'Lady Be Good' in the Libyan desert during the late '50's. It does star Richard Basehart, Lou Antonio, Alan Caillou, Larry Casey, Brad David, Vince Edwards, and directed by Paul Stanley.As I understand, it is almost impossible to retrieve a copy of this movie, unless you can find an underground dealer that has it recorded. Sorry, Dino, but the quote is the one made in 1970 starring the same cast.(See "I must have asked a hundred people if they remember the film, but no luck. My father was watching it and I watched it with him. It is the story of a WWII Bomber and all the men were killed and one was under the plane, when the movie ended you found out they were all dead.

A plane has crashed and the cast of the film turn out to be ghosts who 'disappear' as their bodies are recovered.0065007" web site) However the film we are trying to find had NO survivors. The film was about a crew who had ALL been killed in the crash and were all unknowingly ghosts around the plane.At the end of the film, all the ghosts had gone due to all the bodies being found. I remember the film as well and have been trying to find the answer for years (with no luck).It sounds like you're talking about "Sole Survivor", which was made in the seventies.The ghosts are the crew of an American B-17, which crashed in the Libyan desert during WW2.In the end there is one sole 'ghost' until the searchers return and find his body under the tail plane.

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