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It is more like pitching in to the common Freenet resource pool. Freenet is designed with anonymity in mind, performance comes second.

You can prove that you wrote different pieces of information on Freenet, without revealing your identity.

Half the hidden services on Tor were using a single hosting service, whose owner has now been arrested.

While we don't approve of these sites, it does illustrate the point: A centralised network is a vulnerable network.

However, Freenet has websites, filesharing, forums, chat, microblogging, email etc, all anonymous and hosted within Freenet.

Freenet is a distributed datastore, so once content is uploaded to Freenet, it will remain on Freenet forever, as long as it remains popular, without fear of censorship or denial of service attacks, and without needing to run your own web server and keep it online constantly.

Using the internet "anonymously" is not necessarily easy: Connecting to Facebook through Tor doesn't prevent Facebook from knowing pretty much everything about you, and connecting to your (non-HTTPS) webmail account through Tor may mean the person running the proxy ("exit node") can steal your webmail account password.

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