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When the Filipino porn site launched with drunk Filipina bargirls and the most original branding showing a motorcycle pickup theme it was a big Filipina sex scandal. It was published on various online magazines from Thailand: An American porn producer was captured by Police after his girlfriend reported him to the Cops.

According to the publications the person is operating a well known Thailand based porn site:…

We have asked to get some selfies from the producer of Filipina Sex Diary website. And let's face it, Asians are far more attractive than normal Western girls.

For long time I was not impressed with women showing up on Thai sites. Let's have a look at Oriental amateurs from Nevada and California, today.

The other day this changed when looking at Muei from Tuk Tuk Patrol, a rather fresh amateur bargirl site with Bangkok and Pattaya talents. In Europe and Japan escort hardcore is of similar quality to pornstar content. Sometimes they die from accidents or because they fell victim to crimes.

Since we love Asian amateurs let us look at ladies of the night with more affection. Let's see how the Bangkok species performs between satin sheets. Let's find out who the most famous dead pornstar of Oriental heritage might be.

It's hard to find some fresh new teen smut from Thailand these days.

Either it's the same old nude amateur photos we have seen so many times or it's just stolen images.

The term bargirl is not as appropriate as for Thais or…

Watching genuine couples having sex with each other is a treat for voyeurs.

It's much more authentic than observing fake commercial porn acts.

French-Canadian sex-tourist released a Facebook-lookalike diary of his sex vacation in Angeles City, Manila and Cebu. Images and videos marked as private were exposed to a global audience.

Issues like that happen with all sort of community websites, including webcam portals.

Cams to chat sites offer voyeur mode allowing spectators insights into their bedroom while remaining anonymous. Asian Babe Cams has recently completed implementation of new Java technology into their cam site with Filipina amateur models.

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