Muslim girl dating non muslim


When you’re ready to convert to Islam, recite the Shahada, a short oral declaration of faith that commits you to following Islam for life.Optionally, you may have witnesses, such as two Muslims or an Imam, present at your declaration of faith.To become a Muslim, start by gaining an understanding of the stories, laws, and teachings of Islamic belief by reading the Qur'an—along with scholarly interpretations (tafsirs/exegesises) if you are seeking clarification.Once you feel ready to convert to Islam out of your choice, meet with an Islamic religious official (Imam, Mufti, or scholar—some are multiple) who can help advise you about devoting yourself to Islam.One should try as much as possible to keep their records clean and strive to do as many good deeds as possible.Please note Islam does not advocate killing; in most religions, killing is a major sin. Islam does have a dress code that places an emphasis on modesty, which all Muslims are required to follow.Although it is common to hear that in South Asian/African countries men pressurise prospective wives and their families for high dowries etc, it is very unlikely a Muslim man will marry purely because his future wife is filthy rich.Wealth is a great turn-on; it's power, opportunity, intimidating for some (for example if a wife earns more), but real wealth is not tangible.

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Most Muslim men do not use status as a measure of success for potential wives but they do tend to look into it for reasons of prestige and influence.All your past sins have been erased, and you are ready to practice Islam!February is upon us and if you’re not already sick of all the commercialized hearts in every store window yet, you will be soon!All subheadings are to be taken as general guidelines."A woman is married for four reasons, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her piety.Disclaimer: much of the following is from various Islamic studies and a result of research.

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