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Puppies so cuddly you'll squeal A hearing on the Trump administration's plans to reduce government got testy Wednesday as Sen.

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vegetables) To promise To return To take a walk To invite To invite as a guest To come/go as a guest To like To use To look like To be offended To offend To change money To lie.

Back to Previous Page Furniture Bed Couch Armchair Wardrobe, cabinet Curtain Lamp, light bulb Mirror Carpet Plant House Apartment, flat Living room Bed room Kitchen Toilet Bathroom Pillow Mattress Thick quilt, comforter Blanket Shower Balcony Floor Ceiling Yard, court yard Garage Key Stairs, stairway Elevator, lift Story, floor Appliances Television Tape recorder VCR Radio Telephone Air conditioner Fan Heater Washing machine Vacuum cleaner Geography North South East West Sea Caspian sea Beach Shore, coast Ocean River Island Peninsula Nature Mountain Hill Plain City Countryside/village County Country Lake Land (soil) Forest/woods Meadow World Map Continents Europe Australia Antarctica Asia Africa South America North America Quantity One (of the children) Some (of the children) None (of the children) Both (of the children) All (of the children) Most (of the children) Adjectives The same, identical Different Possible Impossible Busy Free, not busy Famous Strange Far away, distant Near, close Angry Verbs To be embarrassed, be shy (person –d? ) To explain To fall down (people) To taste To keep, preserve 1) to remind; 2) to remember, recall To remember, not forget To forget To get angry 1) to drown (-d? n) To clean 1) To wipe; 2) to dry; 3) to erase To accomplish some work 1) To bathe; 2) swim To return (something) To work out To get permission To give permission, allow To get ready (to do something) To prepare (something) To believe 1) To spread; 2) to drop To reach, arrive.

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Claire Mc Caskill tore into a high-ranking budget office deputy.

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