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Inside, our shelves are lined with our signature specialty products, delightful home and kitchen accessories and thoughtful gift ideas.And like our other locations, our jars are always open for tastings and our friendly staff is available for questions and cooking suggestions.The ensuing Revolution was when the maritime structure made its impression on history.In 1775, it was operating privateers — privately owned and manned boats commissioned by the government to attack enemy ships.Along the way, experts from The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Department of Archeological Services have been monitoring and documenting, and collecting unearthed artifacts.Inevitably, some parts of the historic wharf will be disturbed; other parts (such as the granite slabs) will be pulled out, and other portions will remain in the ground, with most of it covered back up, according to project manager Pieter Hartford.

— covering part of the area where the historical wharf was discovered — as part of Newburyport’s waste-water upgrade and improvement project.

The surrounding natural beauty of the area is also one of the area’s biggest attractions.

Our charming store is located at 35 State Street, just steps from Market Square.

Then, in an excavated trench amid contaminated water, he also identified hand-hewn timbers that probably constituted the crib of the initial wharf likely built by Coombs’s father, Philip Coombs, between 17, according to Harris.

In December, more granite capping stones were uncovered, and, earlier this month, timbers from an adjacent wharf were revealed — all of this as local history boosters and buffs stood by.

Although many of the structural artifacts are too damaged or contaminated to save, local officials and historians call the find an extraordinary one, providing a conduit between modern times and the country’s beginnings.

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