Sci fi speed dating ryan glitch


Eight minutes is a long time to cold-talk to somebody!” He figured he could do it better and held his first Sci-Fi Speed Dating event at a convention called Celebration 5. Currently, the speed dating gig is not Glitch’s main job and seems more of a hobby.Contrived Coincidence describes a highly improbable occurrence in a story which is required by the plot, but which has absolutely no outward justification — not so much as a character saying There Are No Coincidences.The concept of "destiny" is glossed over altogether, and the events in question are simply disguised as mere happenstance.A person who is a Weirdness Magnet tends to be a walking contrived coincidence.Often, these can disguise a Gambit Roulette as The Plan.

Tonight, TLC is airing a new two part special called ‘Geek Love.’ The special focuses on Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, as he sets up speed dating events at several comic-cons and includes interviews with some of the “geeks” that participate in them.More often than not, though, things happen the way they do simply Because Destiny Says So.There's just one tiny little problem with that theory: Sometimes, Destiny say so.Exceptional things don't happen to the main characters exceptional things happen to them.In other words, there would be no story without this first exceptional coincidence.Remember though, that just because a work uses this trope is not an automatic black mark against it.

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