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How can you give them a number for them to text and call you at without giving out your real number. You can obtain a Google Voice phone number for free and then have it route calls and texts to your real cell phone number.

The person on the other end only see's your Google voice number (if you've set things up correctly).

is a new authentication service for verifying the identity of the cardholder, which provides additional protection when making online purchases.

By using a unique personal Password, which you as the cardholder create yourself, you can use your prepaid or credit Master Card or VISA* with even greater safety and security when making online purchases at participating authorized merchants.

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Some 3,889 online dating-related fraud incidents were reported, resulting in a record loss of £39m.

To learn more about how to obtain a Google Voice number and how you can use it to protect your identity, Check out our article: How to Use Google Voice as a Privacy Firewall.

You'll likely become bombarded with dating-related emails.

Free to join, it's the perfect place to find like-minded potential partners for romance, relationships and friendship.

It's easy: simply create your personal profile and view your most compatible matches, browse profiles in your area and see who likes you.

These apps can offer location-aware features to help others know where you are for meetups and other purposes.

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