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It may at first look odd, but ATAT actually came out a couple of sex-offender-related bills. But we saw that at least parts of a few bills that passed can work to our advantage.A couple of examples at first look or appear harsh, or harsher; some provisions, though, may be helpful in the long run: Act 571/House Bill 1686This law increases the severity of a charge and conviction for a sex offense against a family member or relative; but it also calls for more data collection about such offenses.This step will at least help undermine the “stranger danger” myth. 382/House Bill 1541This new law does allow a registrant’s removal from the Arkansas registry—.

916/House Bill 1540This particular work mandates getting more and more “Social media account information” from registrants who do or may have a "Social media account".“Social media account means a personal account with an electronic medium or service in which a user may create, share, or access user-generated content, including without limitation: “(i) A video;(ii) A photograph; (iii) A blog post; (iv) A podcast; (v) A transmission or message; (vi) An email.” "Social media account" includes without limitation an account established with: Facebook; Twitter; Linked In; My Space; Instagram; Snap Chat; You Tube; or any other similar format, program, application, or Internet service.2."Social media account information" which the authorities want, means information concerning a social media account, including without limitation: a screen name; user identification; or a user name.” HUH? 1060/Senate Bill 730This law prevents registrants from becoming licensed barbers.Also, high-risk-assessed registrants are prohibited from even volunteering their services in this or any similar kind of work. 662/House Bill 1542This law is an unhappy reminder of the special hostility registered Arkansans still face. Yea, we can all take a breath and pat ourself on the back for a job well done. We did have some bad one but from years past these were not that bad. I will be mailing/emailing it out soon.7-7- ARKANSAS LEGISLATURE REGULAR SESSION—A LOOK BACK Arkansas Time After Time was a visible presence and was indeed hard at work during the 2017 Regular Legislative session.

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