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Links to Internet sites usually go directly to Rich County, Utah Genealogy entries with names, images, or information.The term "Bible records" refers to the practice of keeping family dates and events in a family Bible.Rich County Courthouse20 North Main Street P O Box 218Randolph, Ut 84064-0218 Formerly Richland County, the name was changed to Rich on County Clerk has marriage records from 1888, divorce, probate and court records from 1872. The types of records that follow are used for genealogy and family history.

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See also Utah Public Library Directory, which provides links to library web pages, addresses, phone numbers, hours, and maps.

See Utah Church Records for details about various denominations. Their records are, therefore, very important for early Utah research.

For additional information, see Tracing LDS Ancestors and Utah Church Records.

Probate cases include court actions regarding property and estates of individuals who have died.

Records may locate relatives, provide death dates, and identify property. Online Probate Records County clerks became responsible for recording births beginning in 1898.

Check websites and catalogs of archives and libraries for items for this county.

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