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If they protest animal cruelty because they get off seeing their names in the papers, why should we care?

She also helped launch and was a member of PETAs Augustus Club, which helps members remember PETA in their estate plans and wills.

While she is wearing what looks to be fur, it is actually synthetic and realistic enough.

So it is possible for any one of these celebrities to buy fake fur that looks real if they feel they MUST be seen in fur. During her life, she was a staunch supporter of animal rights and she's still fighting cruelty after her death.

Newkirk, where she called on Harrod's to stop selling the cruelly made pt.

She was particularly upset about fur and used to place ads in playbills calling for theater patrons to have a change of heart and donate their furs to PETA.

If they stick it out, and keep their energy up through some semifinal rounds, contestants can reach the finals, where they’re guaranteed airtime, glammed-up makeovers, more pointed critiques, and the promise of mugging for a major sponsor or two.

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