Snow sakura dating sim

Sakura is an orphan living on a small island in a kingdom where pastry chefs have an extreme amount of social and political clout, provided that they can earn the right credentials. Patras College, the kingdom’s best culinary school, where she can set herself up with a good internship and perhaps discover the truth about her parentage.

When I said the English in this VN was broken, I wasn’t exaggerating.

She kind of vanishes after you finish the storyline to get an internship) and then run into another girl that you already sort of met on your island when her brother (who is a teacher at St.

Picture that for hours on end, and then randomly towards the end we get a bit of third person narration like one traditionally expects with VNs.It’s that wonderful post-holiday time of year where our stomachs are full of sweets and our wallets are full of regret.The Steam Winter Sale finally concluded this morning, and like most of you out there, I picked up quite a few games while they were at bargain-bin prices.I’ve read some VNs that have really questionable word choice and sentence structure, but reads like it was the writer’s first time trying to translate something into English, and they definitely did not have a native speaker on hand to do any kind of QA testing.The grammar is a mess, verb tenses change without warning, and on multiple occasions the word choice was so very odd that I couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d simply picked up a Chinese/English dictionary and selected a word at random without checking to see the context of the English word, or even if that particular word was still actually used in everyday speech.But then a literal prince shows up and proceeds to never attend class, much like the gangster romance option who runs the Fruit Society club.

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