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I found that fatalities when up on I -87 during this time and more aggression took place at night clubs, proof is in the pudding.

Now I am living down here in an area loaded with jersyites and all I can say is they are the rudest pushiest pieces of crap I have ever come across. Connecticut People here are so elitist, obnoxious, judgmental and selfish.

Seems to be a popular thing to take passive jabs at people.

Our postal lady indeed went postal on me- my spouse was deployed and apparently I missed paying the annual fee by a week.

Before living in New England, I was raised in the Midwest and spent time living down south as well.

Based on my experience in many states of the country, I can honestly say this is the most inconsiderate, rude, careless, and selfish state!

Moved to Indiana and it's amazing how nice the people are here. How I would love to say that people here are warm and inviting. I almost feel they're a little proud of their obnoxiousness.

Sense of entitlement -- always angry -- elitist -- rude -- quick to curse -- intolerant -- sharp, cutting accent -- inability to be graceful -- hurried -- stressed -- overwhelmed -- petty. I've worked various technical support jobs that require me to speak with people all over the country. For Grad school I got into Yale, Harvard and University of Chicago. There I dated a girl who before me and after me was the girlfriend of a rock star with a #1 hit and an album that went platinum. She was hot for sure but the bile was alway right underneath her perfect tan, read to come out. Michigan If all the compliments in regards to Michigan are negative, the state must have a very low vibration. You don't know if a state is truly rude unless you have something to compare it to.

Not to mention the political divide is astounding in my area- there's an even split of conservatives and liberals, and we all come for each other's throats when we get into it.It seems all children have the upper hand and can do no wrong, and forget about manners let alone an apology after being harassed and having your property destroyed and trespasses upon multiple times a day!I've come to accept the coldness and ..I have lived here my whole life and I love it. No, we are not the nicest people, if you want nice don't come here.That being said, I've lived in many other states and (often) in general people seem to have a more relaxed attitude in some other states. In fact, the state looks like the game Silent Hill.Misty and grey with terrible roads and homes that haven't been fixed since 1960 and trees and shrubs overgrown all over the place. If you go out on a date with a guy in Massachusetts, they'll immediately talk about sports as if you're a dude they're friends with, its bizarre.Bullying is a serious issue here, as is suicide and opiate related deaths.

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