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The Short Version: Enlist in Uniform to surround yourself with upstanding singles who value service in the military, law enforcement, and community.With the motto “everyone needs a hero,” this niche dating site cultivates a unique user base of 2.2 million singles, including military personnel, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and anyone who gets dressed to the nines for work.“The Icebreakers help singles find necessary words that will catch the attention of the addressee,” Anastasia explained.“So if a person is struggling on how to start a conversation, they can generate funny chat-up lines.” Once you’ve gotten a date, maybe even formed the basis of a relationship, you might still find yourself in need of guidance.“It wasn’t quite love at first sight — more fear, we think,” Katherine remembered.

Police officers rank in the top three professions for both genders.The user base overall is a spattering of careers including pilots, dentists, naval officers, and nurses.Despite their different career paths, users bond over a mutual respect for men and women in uniform.Katherine Tilbrook joined Uniform because she was ready for a commitment, and she had her sights set on a man in uniform.When she met Army Captain Austin Hind, their initial nervousness soon blossomed into love.“We decided to create a platform where people understand each other better because they have common lifestyles, problems, and visions,” said Anastasia Iarkova, Head of Marketing at NSI.

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