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In Carr’s view, this product completes the transformation of the end-user device from personal computer to window on the Internet.Unlike a laptop, the i Pad relies upon software delivered over the Internet for most of its functionality.The company also said its goal was never to amass a huge audience but rather to increase engagement and improve advertiser value by focusing on local residents.Still, you have to wonder about the wisdom of the paywall strategy, given the sacrifices made to implement it.The large screen and persistent connection could change user behavior, he observes.People will get into the habit of expecting words, images and sound to be delivered whenever they need it in a slim device that fits in a briefcase, although not a purse.He also said the company is ready to experiment with a pay wall, but is looking to the New York Times example for guidance.IBM survey of 3,327 people internationally (900 of them in the United States) as reported on Poynter last week.

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However, Paid says the drop off is only on the order of 10%.Either way, ‘s web site as a result of other subscriptions, it is no surprise that a relatively modest number have chosen the pay option,” the company said in a statement that called into question why such a strategy was desirable in the first place. The industry has been buzzing about paywalls for the last year and the company at least had the cojones to do something. Publisher Terry Jimenez reportedly told the staff last week that lost million in the first three quarters of last year.It’s now embroiled in a labor dispute with unions that are refusing to accept a 10% pay cut.Apple seemed to play it safe, touting the i Pad as a work machine but imbuing it with a clumsy virtual keyboard and incorporating features that will obviously be appealing to gamers.The company claims to have more than 140,000 applications in its i Tunes store.The commentators we read see more potential, however.

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