Wpf dictionary binding not updating


The following figure illustrates the different types of data flow: Note that to detect source changes (applicable to One Way and Two Way bindings), the source must implement a suitable property change notification mechanism such as INotify Property Changed.See Implement Property Change Notification for an example of an INotify Property Changed implementation.

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Elements can be bound to data from a variety of data sources in the form of common language runtime (CLR) objects and XML.The data binding functionality in WPF has several advantages over traditional models, including a broad range of properties that inherently support data binding, flexible UI representation of data, and clean separation of business logic from UI.This topic first discusses concepts fundamental to WPF data binding and then goes into the usage of the Binding class and other features of data binding.The Mode property page provides more information about binding modes and an example of how to specify the direction of a binding.Bindings that are Two Way or One Way To Source listen for changes in the target property and propagate them back to the source. For example, you may edit the text of a Text Box to change the underlying source value.However, if the Update Source Trigger value is Lost Focus, then that value only gets updated with the new value when the target property loses focus.

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